Kemetic Yoga + Reiki

This is an all levels Kemetic Yoga™ class that focuses on stimulating the movement of life-force energy throughout the body while also strengthening ancestral connections. Kemetic Yoga™ is an ancient Egyptian system of yoga the combines controlled deep breathing, meditation, and unique postures that are inspired by the images from the walls of ancient Egyptian temples. Combined with the healing power of Reiki, this class aims to help students raise their vibration, clear energetic blockages, and manifest their own inner Gods and Goddesses (Neteru). 


Let’s breathe, move, and connect with our ancestors!

Sasha is a Master Reiki Teacher, Kemetic Yoga Instructor (RYT 500), and a student on her personal spiritual journey who would love to share space with you

All yoga offerings are postponed until further notice.  

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Slow down and dive into Self through a guided meditation while receiving distance Reiki healing.  

*This is a donation-based offering*

Couple Meditating

Reiki Meditation

Bi-Weekly Tusdays @ 6:30pm

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