Rose of Jericho is known by many names, including Jericho Rose, Maryam's Flower, and Resurrection Flower. 


This magical plant is known for is resurrection abilities when the roots are placed in the water. It has been known to bring in peace, prosperity, abundance, and love energy.


Rose of Jericho Water:

One of the most popular ways to use this flower is to create Rose of Jericho water. To do so, find a bowl or vessel that can safely hold water that is also fairly wide because the Rose of Jericho will expand. Hold the plant in your hand and visualize white light engulfing the plant. Visualize that white light growing, surrounding your hands, arms, and eventually covering your whole body. Speak over the Rose of Jericho calling in exactly what you would like. Take some time and meditate on this intention. 


When complete, place the water in the bowl, or vessel, and then place the plant in the water. You have the option to light a candle near the plant, making sure it isn't too close because the plant will expand, to empower the intention.


Over time, the plant will begin opening up and may even take on a more vibrant, green color. Once the plant is open, you have the option to bottle the remaining water and use it as you see fit. Be sure to change the water regularly (i.e. once a week).


Once the water dries out, the plant will curl back up to its original state and can be reused again and again.

Rose of Jericho