Amethyst is an extremely powerful, spiritually high vibration crystal with protective properties. This beauty lovingly lifts us up in so many ways. It has calming properties, that enhance abilities to ascend to states of higher consciousness and meditation.


This crystal also has the ability to assist with the purging of anxiety, fear, and rage to help promote emotional centering. 


Crystal eggs are empowering tools that represent fertility, rebirth, sexuality, sensuality vitality, and amplifies life force. 


The shape of the crystal-shaped eggs is a large part of what makes these special. The egg shape can be used to symbolize Spring, change, growth, and/ or transformation. Also serving as a great tool to include in a massage or meditation practice!


Another perspective on crystal eggs is that they can be used as yoni eggs to assist with Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. *This technique would require internal insertion.

Chevron Amethyst Crystal Egg

  • *Indie Vibez Shop honors and respects the ancient, sacred practice of using crystal eggs as yoni eggs along with the ability for every human to make an informed decision, and highly recommends consulting your OBGYN, or general practitioner, before engaging in this sacred practice.

    • ~ 2" in height

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