Full Moon Spread in Leo

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

With the full moon in Leo, the major arcana card, Strength is at the center of this spread. Strength, like Leo, embodies courage and self-discipline, it symbolizes bravery and determination. While the moon being in Leo highlights our power, it also reminds us to let go of the ego, because Leos love the spotlight!

This spread will help you tap into your inner Leo and shine a light on what egocentric tendencies we can work to dissolve. 

1. What is my greatest inner strength?

2. How can I be more humble (less egocentric)?

3. Where is my spotlight?- what should I celebrate more often

4. Where can I use more self-discipline?

I truly hope that this spread helps you harness your power, recognize your strength and help you gain clarity. 

Tarot isn't meant to predict the future or to give you answers to questions for which you have none, but instead, it is like putting a mirror up to soul. It reflects back your flaws, fears, challenges, and successes. At its worst, it is a deck of cards with beautiful imagery and a rich history. At its best, it's a tool that can be used by anyone to deepen their consciousness, expand their soul and take a reflective look at the time you've already spent on this earth walk. 

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