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Behind The Brand

Indie Vibez is a healing space that provides a sacred place for souls to safely explore their spiritual needs. A place where we can breathe deeply and allow the conditioning of the world to fall away. Using breathwork, movement, meditation, vibrational medicine, and various ancient healing modalities we can reveal our soul's essence. Through these soulful revelations and ancestral reverence, we can connect to the deepest parts of our being and begin our journey back to or most authentic and energetically aligned selves. 


Hi! I''m Sasha!

I am the owner, creator, and sole operator of Indie Vibez. Indie Vibez came to be after I received my first Reiki session from my mother-in-law.

It was immediately after this experience that I felt true acceptance of all the parts of me that I previously couldn't find words to describe. The parts of me I considered to be too weird, unexplainable or tucked away for the sake of conformity.

Growing up as first-generation with Jamaican parents, I was not new to the metaphysical. Herbal remedies, floor washes, and conversing with spirits were a part of my norm.

Through my desire to make my family proud, I pursued the "American Dream." I tucked away my magic, focused on obtaining degrees, and climbing the corporate ladder. Three degrees and a few ladders later I realized that the only parts of the journey I enjoyed were the parts where I paused, sat, and communed with the familiar, that loving magic that I thought I hid forever.

After my first Reiki experience, the doubt fell away and I felt reintroduced to my light... to life force. One session was all it took for me to dedicate my life to the practice and recommit myself, fully, to magick.

After completing my Master level training in the Usui Reiki Method, I created Indie Vibez to make the chakra-balancing magic of Reiki accessible. I wanted to create products infused with healing energy and share the information passed down to me by my ancestors. So that in the moments when I would forget about my magic or felt disconnected from my power, I would be easily reminded by the natural, intentionally made, products I used every day.

Surround yourself with Magic - as a reminder that you are Magic!


Education + Certifications

  • Human Design Training, Level 1 & 2- 2021

  • Meditation Teacher Training with Tracee Stanley- 2021

  • RYT 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Melanin Yoga Project - 2019

  • Poppy Perinatal Yoga Training with Cat Allen. - 2019

  • Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki Master Training - 2019

  • RYT 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yirser Ra Hotep - Negril Jamaica - 2019

  • Akashic Records Practitioner Training - 2019

  • Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master Training - 2018

  • Usui/ Tibetan Advanced Reiki Training - 2018

  • Usui/ Tibetan Reiki II Training - 2018

  • Usui/ Tibetan Reiki I Training - 2018

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